Gamified TV Comes to Connected TVs in 2023 with Edge Video’s Watch2earn

Edge Video, the pioneer of Watch2earn, is excited to announce the launch of gamified TV for Connected TVs in 2023. With interactive second screen capabilities and the ability to win EAT tokens through the gamified TV experience, Edge Video’s Watch2earn platform is set to revolutionize the way we experience television.

Edge Video’s Watch2earn platform will offer a new level of engagement for connected TV viewers, with a range of interactive games and activities that allow them to earn rewards and prizes. The platform’s second screen feature is easily setup via a QR code and creates an interactive and gamified experience for viewers. They can see their earned EAT tokens and participate in live sports, winning more EAT when their team or competitor scores. Additionally, the interactive second screen adds a new dimension to Watch2earn by displaying the top paying channels and real-time Twitter profiles of the personalities on screen. This allows viewers to stay connected with their favorite content and personalities in a whole new way.

Gamified live sports are a key feature of Edge Video’s Watch2earn platform. Viewers can choose which team or competitor they want to support, and the amount they win in EAT tokens depends on the outcome of the event. For example, if a viewer chooses Team A and Team A wins, they will earn a certain amount of EAT. If Team B wins, the viewer will earn a different amount of EAT. This adds an exciting new dimension to the sports viewing experience, allowing fans to not only root for their favorite teams, but also to win rewards and prizes.

EAT tokens can be won through the gamified TV experience on Edge Video’s Watch2earn platform. These secure and decentralized digital tokens can be used to access exclusive content and experiences within the platform.

Second screen interactive experience

Edge Video is a pioneer in the field of gamified TV, and the launch of Watch2earn for Connected TVs marks a major milestone in the company’s growth. With this exciting new platform, Edge Video is poised to lead the way in the future of television entertainment.

About Edge Video

Edge Video’s Watch2earn platform is revolutionizing the connected TV industry with its unique approach to advertising. By allowing users to earn rewards for watching sponsored content, Watch2earn delivers a highly engaging and effective experience for both users and advertisers.


Joe Ward, CEO