How-to Guide Integrate Gaimified TV with Your HLS Stream Using Edge Studio

Introduction: This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of implementing Channel-Level Playout Integration on Gaimified TV. With this powerful feature, content owners, advertisers, sponsors, and streaming platforms can enhance viewer engagement by leveraging interactive experiences. Follow the instructions below to seamlessly integrate your video streams with Gaimified TV’s interactive capabilities.

Step 1: Embedding the QR Code in Video Streams

Embedding the QR Code in Video Streams Use industry-standard video editing tools to overlay or incorporate a visually prominent and scannable QR code within your video content. Edge Video support will provide the URL or utilize the new Edge Video Studio.

Step 2: HLS Feed Ingestion with Edge

HLS Feed Ingestion with Edge Provide the HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) feed of your video content to Gaimified TV’s advanced Edge platform. This ensures smooth delivery and playback of your video streams across various devices and platforms.

Step 3: Activating the Second Screen Experience

Activating the Second Screen Experience Share a unique link alongside your video stream for viewers to access the second screen experience. Prompt viewers to enter a 4-digit activation code, enabling them to unlock personalized and immersive interactive features.

Step 4: Customizing AI Prompts and Open AI Key Integration

Modifying AI Prompts and Entering Open AI Key To further customize and test command prompts, enter your Open AI Key in the designated field. This empowers you to tailor the AI-generated prompts to your specific needs and explore the full potential of Gaimified TV’s interactive capabilities.

Benefits for Advertisers and Sponsors:

  • Seamlessly integrate interactive ads within the video stream to captivate viewers and drive higher engagement.
  • Leverage Gaimified TV’s interactive nature to create branded challenges and reward viewers, fostering a deeper connection.

Benefits for Streaming Platforms:

  • Differentiate your streaming platform by hosting gaimified channels on Gaimified TV.
  • Increase user engagement, ad revenue potential, and explore new revenue streams through interactive and rewarding content.

Conclusion: By following these steps, you can implement Channel-Level Playout Integration on Gaimified TV and unlock the full potential of interactive video streaming. Engage your viewers, attract advertisers and sponsors, and differentiate your streaming platform with captivating experiences. For additional technical assistance, refer to our developer documentation or reach out to our support team.