Introducing the newest addition to the Edge Video platform: Price Points, Real-time Rewards!
Experience the same high-quality video viewing experience with the added benefit of earning rewards for your engagement. With Watch2Earn functionality, you can now earn rewards simply by watching your favourite content.
Just sit back, relax, and watch your rewards accumulate with every minute of viewing. Our new Watch2Earn product offers a simplified, streamlined way to earn rewards while enjoying your favourite videos.
So why wait? Start watching and earning today with Watch2Earn, now rewards points, exclusively on the Edge Video platform.


PricePoints is a real-time rewards program that gamifies live content by utilizing the Second Screen for real-time engagement. 
Our program includes a real-time overlay which displays the points per hour, total points earned, and a QR code remote. This overlay can be easily integrated into popular video streaming platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Vizio, iOS, Android, and the web. 
The overlay will even automatically appear when the video is paused, providing an opportunity for seamless engagement and easy tracking of rewards. 
Join us in revolutionizing the way we watch and engage with live content.



The QR code second screen is a feature of the PricePoints rewards program offered by Edge Video, the Web3 Video Network. The second screen allows users to access real-time rewards information and engage with the rewards program using their mobile devices. The QR code is used to trigger the second screen, which displays information such as points per hour, total points earned, and a remote control for the main video screen. This feature enhances the overall user experience and provides an additional touchpoint for users to engage with the rewards program, helping to increase their time spent viewing and overall engagement.


PricePoints is a real-time rewards program that gamifies live content and leverages the second screen for real-time engagement. With PricePoints, you can increase engagement levels from the start of a live event, where traditionally, viewers tend to tune in only towards the end, such as in tennis, cricket, or golf. Our program provides a unique and exciting way for viewers to participate and earn rewards while they watch their favourite events. The second screen is used to boost engagement and provide real-time feedback, keeping the viewer engaged throughout the entire event. With PricePoints, you can take your live content to the next level and provide an unforgettable viewing experience for your users.


PricePoints is the future-proof rewards program that provides a new level of engagement to your video streaming platform. As part of the Edge Video Web3 Video Network, PricePoints utilizes the latest in blockchain technology to offer a secure, real-time rewards program that gamifies live content and provides a unique, second-screen experience. 
With the ability to automatically appear when paused, the real-time overlay shows users their points per hour, points earned, and includes a QR code remote for quick and easy engagement. Whether using Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Vizio, iOS, Android or the web, PricePoints is the future of video streaming rewards, elevating the engagement of your users from the beginning of the live event, where typically viewers only tune in at the end, to an all-encompassing, real-time experience.