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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Watch2Earn is a rewards program that pays viewers of videos in Edge Activity Tokens (EAT).

A: EAT is the Edge Activity Token from Edge Video Inc. It is the token that viewers earn for watching and engaging with video content.

A: EAT tokens can be staked or sold on various exchanges.

A: Staking involves holding onto your tokens instead of selling them. It is a form of reward, and the more you watch videos, the more EAT tokens you can earn. The estimated annual percentage yield (APY) is displayed on Earnify.tv and video platform websites.

A: EAT tokens can be sold on Uniswap, Coinstore.com, or LA Token.

A: Each video channel you watch has a channel wallet with its own balance of EAT tokens.

A: EAT tokens can be earned on the web, on earning.tv, watch2earn.com, PokeNight.com, and BizTV.com, as well as on mobile devices and connected TV apps such as Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

A: Mobile phones and connected TVs need to be connected to your Metamask wallet. The activate code enables this connection and can be obtained from Edgevideo.com/activate.

A: Connected TV platforms and other video sites can purchase EAT to use for their viewers.

A: 12.5% of all tokens paid out each day are allocated to the staking and referral wallets.

A: Earnify.tv and watch2earn.com have referral links that you can share with your friends and on social media to refer other users.

A: The Watch2Earn system calculates your earning rate based on the watching habits of your referrals. The more they watch, the more EAT you can earn.

A: You can earn more EAT by watching videos with the sound on, keeping the video in the foreground on web platforms, and checking in when asked if you are still watching.

A: While you can leave a video stream on without actively watching it, the Watch2Earn system is designed for active viewing of videos. It is best to choose a channel you want to watch and enjoy it.

A: To transfer your EAT to an exchange, you will need to use your crypto wallet (such as Metamask) to send the EAT to the exchange’s account address. You can then follow the instructions provided by the exchange to sell your EAT. It is important to note that the steps for transferring EAT to an exchange may vary depending on the exchange you are using. It is always a good idea to check the exchange’s website or customer support for detailed instructions.