Pioneering Engagement: Gaimified TV’s Rapid Market Entry

The Hague, Netherlands April 17, 2023 – Attention streaming media professionals! Discover how AI-powered Edge Video and Gaimified TV are transforming the landscape of viewer engagement by integrating gamification elements into television content and ads. This innovative approach not only increases time spent viewing but also generates new revenue streams through Gaimified ADs, e-commerce, and in-game wagers.

Key highlights:

  • Watch2Earn: Viewers earn points by watching content, keeping them engaged and increasing time spent viewing.
  • Play to Win: Users can wager in-game points on outcome-based games for sports, reality TV, and more, making the viewing experience more interactive and entertaining.
  • Gaimified ADs: Enhance the value of ad inventory by incorporating clickable ads, e-commerce, and pop quizzes, allowing viewers to earn more points based on the content they just watched.
  • Increased CPMs: Gaimified ADs on second screens drive higher CPMs, providing additional monetization opportunities for content providers.
  • Multiple Games & Extended Coverage: Games can run every few minutes with multiple games running simultaneously, even lasting up to 4 days – perfect for covering longer events like golf and cricket.

By embracing Edge Video and Gaimified TV, streaming media professionals can create a more engaging, interactive experience for viewers, leading to higher user retention and satisfaction. Stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on this groundbreaking opportunity to revolutionize the streaming media industry.



About Edge Video

Edge Video is a pioneering technology company that specializes in AI-powered Gaimified TV. Our cutting-edge platform seamlessly integrates gamification elements into television content and ads, creating an immersive and engaging experience for viewers. Edge Video’s innovative approach revolutionizes the entertainment industry by driving higher user retention, increasing time spent viewing, and unlocking new monetization opportunities for content providers. With a focus on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Edge Video continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of streaming media and interactive entertainment. Learn more at


Joe Ward, CEO