Watch and Earn on the Edge Video platform: Revolutionize your streaming experience

Watch2Earn on the EDGE Web3 Video Network is revolutionizing the streaming experience by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. The current state of video streaming on web 2.0 platforms like YouTube and Facebook is characterized by inopportune video ads and commercial breaks that often disrupt the viewing experience and trigger concerns about consumer privacy. In addition, many viewers feel exploited by the need to pay for premium accounts to avoid ads, leading to feelings of mistrust and anger towards the platforms.

Enter Edge Video and their innovative Watch2Earn feature on the EDGE Web3 Video Network. By using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology, Edge Video can offer a live streaming experience that pays users to watch ads and commercial breaks. This not only enhances the viewing experience for audiences but also addresses the privacy and exploitation concerns that have long plagued traditional video streaming platforms.

In addition to providing a more enjoyable and trustworthy streaming experience, Watch2Earn on the EDGE Web3 Video Network also offers a ton of different channels to watch from all categories via Earnify TV. By watching the EDGE video player, viewers can earn cryptocurrency ($EAT) for their watch time. This is a truly revolutionary development that is sure to have a lasting impact on the streaming industry.

According to Joe Ward, the CEO of Edge, this feature allows viewers to earn $EATs, the native currency of the platform, as they watch videos and engage with the platform. These $EATs can then be used to purchase FaiCE-S, Edge’s non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

To start earning $EATs, viewers simply need to connect their MetaMask wallet to the Edge Video Player and start streaming content. The users can watch and earn by engaging regularly with the content. There are several ways to earn $EATs, including watching videos, owning NFTs, sharing videos, and tagging personalities.

The purpose of the Watch2Earn feature is to create a converging point for web3 technology, empowering viewers to watch and earn by monetizing their own watch time.

Moreover, the Watch to Earn platform can be easily added to any of the 860,000 video streaming sites and apps globally, increasing revenue through increased ad consumption and content sharing. It is supported by the EDGE Web3 Video Network, which is the most advanced decentralized network of interactive live streams available in the market.

Web3 platforms, like Edge Video, are based on the principle of recirculating wealth in a way that is more user-focused and decentralized. In contrast to traditional web 2.0 platforms, which often view their audience as a homogenous group of consumers to be targeted with ads and data shuffling.

Other Features

Another innovative feature on Edge is the Tag2Earn feature, which allows viewers to tag on-screen personalities and earn $EATs each time they come into view. This creates a more interactive and personalized experience for viewers, as they can earn rewards for their engagement with the content.

Finally, the Own2Earn feature on Edge is a unique way for viewers to earn $EATs by owning non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent moments and personalities from the platform. These NFTs are created using artificial intelligence (AI) and can be purchased with $EATs, giving viewers a new way to engage with and support their favorite content on the platform.

Edge Video’s Watch2Earn, Tag2Earn, and Own2Earn features are innovative ways for viewers to earn rewards and have a more personalized and interactive experience on the platform. By leveraging the power of web3 technology, Edge can create a more user-focused and decentralized environment for its viewers.

Difference between Play2earn and Watch2Earn

Play2Earn and Watch2Earn are both features that enable users to earn rewards for their engagement with digital content. 

Play2Earn is a feature that allows players to earn rewards inside video games, which can then be translated into real-world value. This enables players to make money by actively investing their time in virtual reality. One example of a game that utilizes the Play2Earn feature is Axie Infinity, in which players can acquire and breed unique animals, represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and add value to them through skins and other objects.

Watch2Earn, on the other hand, is a feature that allows viewers to passively earn rewards simply by watching videos. This is a revolutionary step for the streaming industry because it provides users with the ability to watch and earn even in the comfort of their homes. The Edge Video platform and its watch to Earn feature enables viewers to market their worth to the consumer market through their engagement with the platform.

How to get the most out of Edge Video?

If you want to get the most out of Edge Video and its Edge Video Token ($EAT), there are several things you can do:

  1. Connect Edge Video Player to your devices: To start earning $EATs, you will need to connect the Edge Video Player to your devices, such as your computer, mobile phone, or smart TV. This will allow you to start streaming content and earning rewards.
  2. Watch videos: The most straightforward way to earn $EATs is by simply watching videos on the platform. The more you watch, the more you will earn.
  3. Get paid up to every five minutes: Edge Video pays out $EATs to viewers up to every five minutes, so the more you watch, the more frequent your payouts will be.
  4. Skip paywalls and login fees: With Edge Video, you don’t need to pay for a premium account or deal with paywalls to access the content. You can watch as much as you want for free and earn $EATs as you do so.
  5. Use the live ticker overlay: Edge Video has a live ticker overlay that shows your current $EAT balance, making it easy to track your earnings in real time.
  6. Use social media referrals: With watch to earn functionality, users can earn $EATS by referring friends and followers to the Edge Video platform through social media.
  7. Trade your FaiCE-S on LA Token and Uniswap: If you own FaiCE-S, Edge Video’s non-fungible tokens (NFTs), you can trade them on LA Token and Uniswap for even more $EATs.

By following these steps, you can maximize your earnings on Edge Video and get the most out of the Edge Video Token.


In short, Watch2Earn on the EDGE Web3 Video Network is a game-changing innovation in the world of video streaming. It empowers viewers to monetize their own watch time. The result is a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for all viewers.