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Watch2Earn Platform Goes Live


Key Points

  • EDGE’s Watch2Earn soft launch went live on June 15, 2022 at 
  • 500% increase in engagement through Watch2Earn
  • Real-world use case shows the power of Web3/Watch2Earn 
  • 860,000 estimated streaming apps and sites world-wide can now instantly add Watch2Earn
  • 300+ Paying channels being on-boarded as Watch2Earn revolution begins  

Kicking off a revolution in ad supported video streaming, Watch2Earn quietly went live on on June 15, 2022. Instantly improving engagement time by 500%, side by side when compared with the traditional Web 2.0 streaming option.

“Never again will viewers want to watch ad-supported content without sharing in the ad revenue” Said Joe Ward, CEO at EDGE. “Viewers can earn crypto ($EAT) and help push the price up by sharing the channel content on social media. This is the first, major real-world use case of Web3 that instantly shows a massive revenue multiplier to existing Web 2.0 video sites and apps”.

EDGE, which has partnered with exciting channels, like PokerNight Live, Euronews, Bloomberg TV, and more, sets a rewarding experience for its users while providing live content. Edge aims to revolutionize the world of live streaming by using innovative blockchain technology and an expert AI model to make streaming more immersive. The company has a backlog of 300 paying channels to on-board already. viewers can now collect the $EAT tokens by watching the live channel. The token transactions can be seen in real-time where the $EAT Token will be credited to the viewers at listing (initially on LAToken). 

The $EAT Tokens will allow the viewers to enter the world of crypto without risky investments, and enable them to benefit from their own watch time. 

With the use of new Web3 technology, Edge aims to introduce a fresh and exciting experience to the world of live streaming.

The token release date is set for the 1st of July, 2022.

The $EAT token release date is set for the 1st of July, 2022. Each token will be priced at an initial value of $0.06, with a substantial potential increase as trading continues. The dollar amount will be airdropped, in the form of $EAT Token, and will be only made available to the audience utilizing the Watch2Earn functionality such as those on and more. 

To watch ahead of listing, viewers simply go to and connect their wallet on the live video player. 


About EDGE:

EDGE’s Watch2Earn Platform can instantly be added to any of the 860,000 video streaming sites and apps globally to increase revenue through increased ad consumption and content sharing. Watch2Earn is supported by the EDGE Web3 Video Network. The most advanced, decentralized network of interactive live streams available in the market.

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