Watch and Earn


Edge Video is a revolutionary web3 video network operating under the watch2earn engagement model where users are incentivized for their personal watch time. Edge Video allows viewers to tag unique personalities on multiple News, Business, Sports, and Gaming channels.

Viewers receive $EAT rewards (Edge Video’s crypto token) by engaging in live videos and tagging personalities. It also allows viewers to double or even triple their ad revenue through increased consumption and sharing videos.

Key Features

  • Can be added to any website, smart TV or mobile app
  • Viewers can earn $EAT when watching videos
  • Rapid setup for viewers to install
  • Paywall and login free
  • Live ticker overlay displays viewers’ balance, live rank, live score and est.
  • Tokens earned during that period
  • Payout every 5 mins
  • Social network referrals to earn more $EAT
  • Tradeable on exchanges like LA Token and Coin Store

After the recent surge in popularity for P2E games, W2E platforms have now entered the web3/blockchain space. They operate under the Watch2Earn model which rewards users for watching videos and tv shows.

Edge Video Traction

  • Watch2Earn Platform went into production June 15, 2022 with and
  • Since then added
  • Over 300 paying TV channels already integrated in Edge Player (incl. Bloomberg TV, Euronews, Poker Night) for our token holder site (
  • Partnership deal with ABS-CBN in Asia (13M registered accounts)
  • Centerpost Media in Dallas pre-purchased $125K in $EAT
  • Mux IP in Los Angeles closed a $120K deal in cash and $EAT
  • National Watch2Earn TV campaign on 30 American TV Stations April ‘22

Users connect their wallets to the platform using a metamask wallet and start collecting daily rewards. The model is very attractive to the blockchain world since it’s trying to restore power back in the hands of viewers/fans. Previously, large organizations/corporations would take the majority revenue share, a problem that has spanned for decades.

Edge video has a wide range of leading partners, tv devices, channels already under its broad ecosystem, with numbers regularly 500. Edge also recently completed a huge milestone with the completion of 1 million watch2earn (W2E) hours. In the coming months, as web3 garners more attention, viewers will actively participate in this space to stay a step ahead of the innovations that are coming on-stream.

Long established web2 sites are already having to make way for this newer, advanced breed of sites that are revolutionizing the industry and facilitating viewer economy.

Winding back the years to the early 1990’s, web1 started off as a one way street where consumers had no option/couldn’t interact with the published content that they consumed. Websites and applications were completely static with little to no functionality whatsoever.

In the early 2000’s, Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc changed the engagement model and brought in the web2 era. Users could now interact with the content in real time via likes, comments, shares etc. Some of the groundbreaking features that were introduced included concepts such as sharing your location and activities’ engagements with friends and family.

Web3 -the next iteration of the Internet- aims to take things a step further with the introduction of a decentralized blockchain economy, smart contracts, VR, Metaverse adventures and such like.

Streaming video accounts for around 26% of the total viewing share. 25% share goes to broadcast TV, whilst 39% share goes to Cable TV.

The numbers are proof to the overall dominance of the video streaming platforms. Platforms like YouTube Gaming and Twitch have become household names amassing a daily count of over 15 million users – three times the population of Ireland. Twitch rewards users/viewers with channel points that can be redeemed for exclusive benefits and perks that includes things like gift cards, special access to streamers etc


Edge Video has partnered with some of the leading TV channels including:

  • Biz TV
  • Bloomberg
  • Hard Knocks TV
  • Ski TV
  • Allied Esports
  • World Poker Tour


Powered with the force of AI, the EDGE video player displays personalities that are tagged within focus on the top right of the screen in the live stream. Viewers get notified with push notifications so they don’t miss out when personalities go live.

Edge video has also utilized FaiCES NFT integration thereby distinguishing itself from all other live streaming platforms in the market. Each FaiCES NFT represents a personality in the live stream. The holder of the NFT gets paid in $EAT whenever their personality appears on screen. Hence, the more popular the personality is, the higher the rewards earned by the holder of the NFT.


Theta Network is a scalable VOD and live streaming network, while the EDGE WEB3 video network technology can do the same and is able to run the network in the Edge Player which scales infinitely, without a difficult node installation, meaning each new viewer extends the CDN by one node.

The pain point in the streaming business (Netflix included) is the scalability of streaming content, especially high resolution. The EDGE network scales exponentially when used for live video streaming with easy integration for CDNs. Besides live streaming, Edge Video offers versatile use cases (e.g. streaming inside Metaverses or CDNs for high resolution blockchain multiplayer games). See the table below for a more detailed comparison of Edge Video vs Theta.


Edge Video vs Theta

P2P Patents
AI Tagging
Auto and Active Surf
Personalities & Celebrities (EDGE database of 350,000+)
Interactive & Discoverable contentYesN/A
Live Video CDN– 100X + more scalable for live video.
– Scales exponentially with each new viewer. 
– No installation or technical expertise required.
– New node operators download THETA – Edge Node software to operate a node. 

– Technical expertise required.
3rd Party CDN Support– Same day upgrade as EDGE supports TV
– Channels 3rd party CDNs such as Akamai or Amazon Cloudfront.
– Lengthy adoption of THETA’s proprietary CDN.
The table demonstrates EDGE Video’s emerging dominance.